Caring For Prairie


bicycle in front of a gate in kansas

“To see the prairie, you have to get close to it, into it. It is then that you begin to experience its beauty.” Jenny Reardon on New Life on the Prairie.

Caring For Prairie

As explained in the podcast launching of The Sociological ReviewJenny Reardon is biking through Kansas talking to farmers, ranchers and other denizens of the prairie about how best to know and care for the prairie. How does one care for the land and the lives it supports in the face of the water running out in the high plains of Western Kansas, and flooding in Eastern Kansas? In the face of towns struggling to survive, and high tech “precision” approaches to agriculture raising new hopes and new concerns?

Jenny Reardon speaks to UCSC Politics Professor Ronnie Lipschutz and host of Sustainability Now about her project biking through Kansas on Santa Cruz local radio Station KSQD.

Research Participation

Caring for Prairie Roadside Consent 2020 PDF